Should Use a Nanny Cam? Here are the Pros and Cons

Should Use a Nanny Cam? Here are the Pros and Cons

Discover the possible pros and cons of using nanny cams to keep an eye on your children and their caregiver while you’re away to make the right decision here:

If you have a baby or young child, then chances are you’ve hired a nanny for some extra support. Perhaps you’ve even considered the use of nanny cams, which are a hotly debated topic.

A nanny cam is a personal surveillance camera that can be hidden or installed overtly to record how a nanny works on the job.

While some parents believe it’s in their child’s interests to have their safety and care monitored, others believe nanny cams make it very uncomfortable for the nanny being watched. And if the nanny is recorded without his or her permission – that’s a complete breach of privacy.

Of course, there are pros and cons to using nanny cams. Let’s go through them.

The Pros of Using a Nanny Cam

There are various reasons why parents feel comfortable using a nanny cam. Here are some of the benefits.

Peace of Mind

The big reason for parents using nanny cams is that they offer peace of mind. It’s hard leaving your children in the care of someone else, especially for fresh parents hiring a new nanny or babysitter.

Nanny cams offer comfort by allowing parents to see that their children are being looked after properly while they’re away.

Monitoring Children’s Safety Is a Right

Of course, monitoring their children’s safety is any parents’ right. Think about it – there are surveillance cameras in many workplaces including most schools and children’s daycares. Why should a childcare provider that works within the home be exempt from safety surveillance?

Eyes and Ears

Young children often can’t tell you exactly what’s happening when you’re away from them, so a nanny cam can work as your eyes and ears when they’re too young, afraid, or hesitant to speak up.

When children are older and most clued up, they can let you know if their nanny isn’t working as he or she should be. If your nanny is distracted by his or her phone, turns a blind eye on family rules, or avoids outdoor playtime, an older kid can let you know.

But until then, it helps to understand how their days work out while you’re away.

Feel Connected

Nanny cameras allow you to feel more connected to your children. It’s only natural for some working parents to feel sad or guilty for spending time away from their children for long periods, especially if they end up missing out on important moments and milestones.

Technology like nanny cams allows parents to check in with their tots, allowing them to see their child’s face while they’re at work.

The Cons of Using a Nanny Cam

Some parents feel using a nanny cam is inappropriate or unnecessary. Here are some of the cons.


Using a nanny camera may be seen as breaching your nanny’s trust. If your nanny finds a hidden camera, for example, stuck into a house plant, toy animal, or a clock, your nanny is likely to experience a whole host of emotions.

He or she may feel violated, offended, embarrassed, or hurt. He or she may feel that you doubt their abilities or intent in the job, and you can risk damaging an important relationship.

If you do decide to invest in a nanny camera, the best course of action is to be upfront about your plans to buy a nanny camera. That way your nanny can decide if the role is right for them. In most cases, nannies are comfortable working with a nanny camera, if they’ve been told about it and are aware of its uses.


Nanny cams can also be misleading for parents. Cameras often focus on a particular area and can’t show the big picture.

You may catch sight of your crying baby but can’t see the behind the scenes of the nanny preparing a bottle. Or, you may spot a tired nanny taking a necessary break, but you weren’t around the see the busy activities and play that caused the tiredness.

If you’re seeing certain snapshots from the nanny cam, it’s easy to make judgments without knowing the bigger picture. If you do decide to get a nanny cam, it’s important to understand this.

Nanny Cams Can Be Used for the Wrong Reason

Unfortunately, in many cases, nanny cams are used for the wrong reasons. A nanny camera shouldn’t be used to capture neglect or abuse, but rather to prevent it. Don’t purchase a nanny camera for the sole purpose of trying to outsmart your nanny or you’ll build a relationship on distrust.

If you feel like you need to purchase a nanny camera for such reasons, then you should probably look for a new caregiver as it seems the trust isn’t there. Rather than focusing on discovering potential mishaps or wrongdoings, speak to your nanny about your expectations.

You also shouldn’t rely on using a nanny camera. You should pop in on your nanny every now and then to observe interactions up close.

Ready to Try Using Nanny Cams?

The decision to use nanny cams in the home is personal to you and your family. Having a nanny cam installed is a great way to give yourself peace of mind and help you feel closer to your child while you’re away.

However, if you don’t trust your nanny then it’s unlikely that installing a camera will help and it may be time to re-evaluate your personal and professional relationship.

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11 Mar 2020