Why You Should Get a Nanny Cam With Sound

Why You Should Get a Nanny Cam With Sound

As a busy parent, there may come a time where you decide you have to pass the duty of watching your child over to someone else, like a nanny.

Has this thought ever worried you, though? It’s a tough decision to make, as you, of course, want to make sure the nanny you hire is somebody that you trust and feel safe leaving your children with.

This is why many parents have decided to purchase a nanny cam, and a nanny cam with sound can put your mind at ease just a little bit more.

Installing a nanny cam is quite the controversial topic, but we’ve all heard the horror stories about the sort of things nanny cams catch on tape, so it’s understandable you’d want that peace of mind that your child is safe.

Before purchasing a nanny cam though, there are some things you’ll want to first consider: why exactly should you use a nanny cam? What are the legalities surrounding using a nanny cam? And why is it a good idea to have a nanny cam with sound?

Continue reading to find the answers to all these questions.

What Is a Nanny Cam?

If you’re not a parent or you’ve never hired a nanny, you may be wondering, what is a nanny cam?

Essentially, a nanny cam is a camera that you can set up in different areas of your home. Once set up, you can view these recordings on a device of your choosing, such as your phone or your laptop, and see what’s going on in your home.

These are particularly useful for when you do hire a nanny, as it gives you the ability to check in on your nanny and children and ensure that your children are safe and your nanny is being responsible.

Why Use a Nanny Cam?

Choosing to leave your child under the watch of a nanny can be a hard decision to make, but sometimes, unfortunately, it’s the only choice you have. It’s reported that 40% of nannies in the U.S. work full-time positions, and that number keeps growing.

More and more parents are trusting somebody else, often times a stranger, to take care of their children for them while they’re unable to, and while it may be a controversial topic, the benefits of a nanny cam outweigh all of those controversial views.

First and foremost, using a nanny came definitely gives you peace of mind. Knowing you can check in on your camera at any point of the day to ensure your child is safe, which is something you have the right to know, is comforting and puts you at ease.

Plus, your child may be young, and therefore unable to speak yet. You’d never know if your child felt unsafe or was treated poorly if they can’t even tell you themselves. In this case, your camera becomes the sort of spokesperson for your child.

Nanny cams also help you feel connected to your child.

It’s hard to leave your child, especially shortly after they’re born, and you may feel some guilt sitting at your desk at work knowing your child is at home being watched by somebody else.

A nanny cam, therefore, is an easy way to help you feel connected to your child so you don’t miss out on any of their milestones.

Is it Legal?

Before installing a nanny cam in your home it’s important that you’re aware of the legalities that surround it so you don’t find yourself in a legal battle.

As for the installation of the camera itself, it is legal in all 50 states to record something that happens in your own home, and it does not matter whether the camera is hidden or not. However, it must be done in a public area of the house, such as a kitchen or den, and not in a private area, such as a bathroom.

When it comes to a nanny cam that has sound, the laws are a little bit different.

In several states, there is what they call a one-person consent rule.

This rule makes it illegal to make an audio recording of somebody without the knowledge and consent of that person. As the parent doing the recording, you cannot give consent for your nanny. So, depending on what state you’re in if you install a camera with audio in your home without the consent of the person being recorded, that would be considered breaking the law.

To err on the side of caution, especially if you’re unaware of the legalities surrounding nanny cams in your state, it would be best to simply tell your nanny that there are cameras in your home and they may or may not be recording during the day. And, if you’re using a nanny cam with sound make them aware of that. You could, however, put them at ease by making it clear to them that there are no cameras in any private areas of your house.

Nanny Cam with Sound

If you’re purchasing a nanny cam, it’s smart to purchase a nanny cam with sound, as the sound just gives you one extra layer of ease.

Maybe you want to know when your child is crying, or how long they’ve been crying for. This could be beneficial because, as the parent of your child you know your child best, and if you notice that your child is crying for quite some time, you can give your nanny tips on how to comfort them.

Some nanny cams also offer two-way communication, in which case, if your child is of the age of talking, you can talk to them before or after their nap, for example. This is one extra step you can take to feel more connected to your child even if you’re not there.

And, of course, you always want to make sure your nanny is talking to and treating your child the way you’d like them to. So, with your nanny’s consent, having audio on your nanny cam gives you more ability to make sure they’re the right fit for your children.

Get Your Nanny Cam Today

A nanny cam is a vital tool to have in your home to check in on your nanny and children to make sure that things run smoothly when you’re not there. And a nanny cam with sound gives you that extra peace of mind that your nanny is treating your child correctly.

So, why wait?

Check out our bestsellers and make the decision on which camera is best to protect your children. 

Jan 3rd 2021

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