Stay Informed, Stay Safe: 6 Creative Reasons Why Nanny Cams Are a Home Necessity

Stay Informed, Stay Safe: 6 Creative Reasons Why Nanny Cams Are a Home Necessity

Feb 28th 2020

Nanny cams aren't just for checking up on your child's babysitter. Use this creative tech to stay on top of security for your loved ones in various ways.

Nanny cams have been catching bad babysitters in the act for years. Like this babysitter, who was caught kicking twin babies on camera.

If you've been considering getting a nanny cam to watch over your babysitter, there's never been a better time. And nanny cams can serve so many more purposes than just watching over the caretaker in your home!

Keep reading to discover other creative ways to stay on top of security for your loved ones.

1. Use It as a High-Tech Baby Monitor

Your nanny cam doesn't have to stop working as soon as the babysitter leaves. Instead, your handy camera can now serve as a high-tech baby monitor to help you watch over your children.

This is a great use for your nanny cam since odds are it's already set up in the room where your children most frequent. Keep an eye on them as they play while you make dinner. Or, make sure they're safe in bed during the night without opening the door and having to risk waking them up.

To get the most out of your nanny cam doubling as a baby monitor, choose one that has a wireless streaming option. This nanny cam allows you to watch the feed on any device, like your phone or computer.

2. Keep an Eye on Anyone in Your Home

A nanny camera allows you to watch over anyone in your house, not just the babysitter.

There are often times when you need to let a repairman or delivery crew in your home while you're away. Instead of worrying that they are doing their job and not stealing or harming your possessions, you can keep a watchful eye on them while at work.

This will give you the peace of mind to allow more appointments to happen while you're away — making the most of your time. And you can ensure the job will get done correctly by letting the workers know that your home is monitored with a live video feed that you'll be watching.

3. Make Sure Your Pets Are Okay

Not everyone has children, but that doesn't mean you don't have loved ones at home to keep an eye on. Nanny cameras are also a great option for looking after your beloved pets during the day.

Are the type of person who leaves the TV on your dog's favorite channel or is 10 minutes late to work because your cat wants attention? If so, then your pet is probably on your mind throughout the majority of the workday. This can make it hard to concentrate on your work and feel guilty for being away.

But, with a camera set up in your home, you can check up on them throughout the day. After you know that they are okay and happy, you can get back to being productive so you can make money to spoil them!

4. Protect Your Home From Intruders

Many people invest in expensive security systems to protect their homes from intruders. But, it doesn't cost a lot of money to get that kind of protection.

A nanny camera does the same exact job as those expensive security systems at a fraction of the cost. Invest in a nanny cam that has motion detection to be alerted immediately if someone is in your home. Once alerted, you can call 911 and catch the intruder in the act.

This also gives you a chance to hide or arm yourself if an intruder enters your home at night. These extra few seconds of notice can make a huge difference when it comes to criminals.

5. Evidence in Criminal Situations

Not only does a motion detection nanny cam alert you to someone in your home, but it also captures video of the action.

If an intruder does enter your home in an attempt to steal or harm you, you know have proof of the crime. This video feed will come in handy when pressing charges against the criminal. It's hard to plead innocent to charges if you were caught red-handed on video.

Camera surveillance can also capture any domestic crimes that were to occur inside the home. If you're trying to escape an abusive relationship, having proof of the violence will help you during criminal proceedings or even a custody battle.

6. Watch Over Elderly Parents

You can also use a nanny cam for elderly parents, whether they live with you or not.

A staggering 1 in 10 adults over 60 experience elder abuse from a caretaker. If your parent or loved one is in a retirement or assisted living home, they may be being abused physically or mentally. A nanny cam allows you to monitor the care they're receiving to make sure the staff is adequately providing care.

If your loved one lives on their own or with you, a nanny cam is a great way for them to maintain their independence. You can discreetly check up on them throughout the day to make sure they are okay and haven't fallen or gotten injured.

Nanny Cams Are Essential in Any Household

With all these uses for nanny cams, it's easy to see how one could be beneficial in your own home.

Whether you want to use it for its intended use and watch over your babysitter or you want to use it as a baby monitor, it performs the job well. You can also get many of the same benefits from a nanny cam as you would a security system, at a fraction of the cost.

If you're ready for peace of mind, shop our large selection of nanny cams today. Or, read our buying guide to get a better look at our products and how to use them.