A Parent's Guide on How to Pick the Best Nanny Cam

A Parent's Guide on How to Pick the Best Nanny Cam

As a busy mom or dad, the last thing you want to worry about is the caretaker you hired. Ideally, this is someone trustworthy, but it never hurts to be extra cautious when it comes to the safety of your kid or loved one. Unfortunately, it is easy to find news stories about nanny cams catching abuse.

Although it is something you shouldn't have to worry about, buying a nanny cam can bring you peace of mind.

Some questions you might ask are: what is the best nanny cam? Is there a nanny cam with sound? What type of nanny camera do I need?

The good news is that there are plenty of options for you in the nanny camera department. It just depends on what your needs and preferences are. We got you covered with tips and tricks to choosing the best nanny cam.

Let's jump in.

1. Is a Nanny Camera Legal?

The first thing is knowing the law surrounding nanny cameras. You're allowed to record video inside anything of your home, so long as there is a good reason. Observing your baby or nanny is one of those good reasons.

Whether the nanny cam is hidden doesn't matter, as long as it's in the public areas in your home and not places like the bathroom. In some places like California, it is illegal to make an audio recording of a person without their knowledge or consent. That's why many nanny cameras do not come with audio recording.

This is important to remember because if you do make a video with audio and there's a reason to go to court, the tapes are inadmissible and you could get in trouble for breaking privacy laws.

2. Hidden vs. Exposed Nanny Cam

When buying a nanny cam for your home, you might wonder why so many websites refer to nanny cams as hidden spy cameras. While there are a lot of hidden nanny cams, nanny cams don't have to all be hidden cameras.

There are two categories: exposed and hidden nanny cams. Hidden nanny cameras are disguised as something else, like a clock or a toy, and are used to record a specific location. These are not visible, and usually, the nanny does not know they're being recorded.

Exposed cameras are exactly what they sound like. They're nanny cameras that look like cameras and are in an obvious location like mounted to a wall or on top of a table. It's up to you to decide if you want to let your nanny know you'll be video recording them, this can depend on the trustworthiness of the nanny or your own personal cautionary choices.

3. Important Specs

The way a nanny camera works is pretty simple. It's a piece of surveillance equipment not unlike a webcam or video camera. Since it is a type of gear, you'll want to make sure that the specs fit your needs.

Video Quality

The best nanny cameras have great video quality. A higher pixel rate allows you to get a clearer image. This is ideal, so you're able to decipher exactly what's happening in the location recorded.

The only drawback to great video quality is that it comes with a bigger price tag and a need for storage. Go for something that is 720p and 1080p resolution.

Nanny Cam with Audio

As mentioned earlier, be sure to look at the laws surrounding unauthorized audio recording in your state to help narrow down nanny cams with audio. If it is legal to record audio, then you'll want to consider it is an option. These will also allow you to speak to the nanny if necessary.

Storage Space

Depending on the type of video quality and how much you're recording, the top nanny cam will have enough storage space for whatever your needs may be. While some nanny cameras have SD recording, this can easily fill up. You'll want to find a nanny camera that has NVR, this allows for 24/7 recording.

Power Source

There are two options for the power supply of a nanny camera. You can either do battery operated or AC powered ones. Ideally, find a nanny cam that connects to AC power.

While battery-powered can be convenient and allows you to keep the camera more hidden, all it takes is one busy day of not changing the batteries for it to die. It's more reassuring to know you aren't missing any moments.

Is it Wireless?

In this Day and Age, you're able to have a wifi nanny camera. This means you'll be able to monitor your baby live wherever you may be. This is incredibly convenient and reassuring because you don't need to rely on a video that you watch later.

Look for a nanny cam with wifi so it can update you with what your baby and the nanny are doing in real-time.

4. Where to Buy a Nanny Camera

There are several places you can find a nanny camera. The best nanny cam options are online, you'll be able to make a convenient and safe purchase from the comfort of your home. Be sure to look for trusted authorized sellers and read reviews.

Finding the Best Nanny Cam

Purchasing a nanny cam for your home is a great investment, as it allows for the comfort as a parent of knowing your child is safe. Ideally, you would not need to worry about any caretakers but it's scary to trust anyone with your child. To feel secure in your decision, you'll want to find the best nanny cam possible.

Choose a wifi nanny camera with decent video quality that can be connected to AC power. You can decide if you want a nanny cam with sound or a hidden nanny camera.

If this article has you curious about where you can get a nanny cam, be sure to check out our best sellers! We have plenty of the best nanny cam options to consider. 

17 Dec 2020