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 How to Help Protect Your Children with A Nanny Cam

It’s a parent’s worst nightmare. You leave your young son or daughter in the hands of a nanny and what happens next? You can’t see anything while you’re away running errands or at the office. Is the nanny taking care of your baby? Is she holding your precious child? Is she hitting your daughter? Is she neglecting your son?Nannies across the globe are caught on camera. They assault or mistreat children that are trusted to their care.In an extremely tragic incident in 2012, one Manhattan nanny was charged with murder for stabbing two children in a luxury apartment building near Central Park. The mother found them in a bathtub after returning from a swimming lesson with another daughter.

  In this guide, we’ll explore what to expect and what you can do to catch a nanny who fails to look after your children.You can and absolutely should screen nannies through interviews and background checks. But that’s just the start. Home surveillance can give you peace of mind as well.It’s not that all bad nannies hit children. Some simply just don’t pay attention to the kids or don’t get around to changing diapers. On some occasions, nannies have even tossed new diapers in the garbage to make it look like they’ve done their jobs.

 One parent with a nanny cam told Know Your Nanny: 

“We will call her Suzanne. She started cleaning up and putting away our 16 month old’s toys 10 minutesafter we left!!!! She then tried to put our daughter down to bed 30 minutes before her bedtime.  Shewas on her phone texting the whole time and did not play or engage in any activities at all.She brought our daughter downstairs again after putting her to bed and had her up for another hour.When we asked her about the night, she lied and said the baby was sound asleep at 7:30 p.m. I told her Iwas sure she was up past that time and then she just looked at me like a deer in headlights. She denied everything I saw on the recording. As I asked more questions, she got very uncomfortable. She finally broke down and said, ‘if your baby wasn’t such a whining little thing, I wouldn’t have had to do that.’SERIOUSLY?????” 

 Where can you place nanny cams? You can put them anywhere in the house where there is no expectation of privacy – most any room except the nanny’s bedroom or a bathroom. You can hide them in clocks, iPod docking stations, smoke alarms and many other items around your home.But that’s just for the video portion. States have different laws when it comes to audio. Sometimes the nanny would need to give consent to have the sound recorded. But court cases haven’t been consistent.Some families have used audio and haven’t been penalized.Even if you tell the nanny ahead of time that you’re recording them (audio, video or both), it doesn’t mean they will be on guard. They still slip up. Some nannies have even put something in front of the camera to block it. Or, they’ve turned the camera around. If you don’t fire the nanny for those actions, then install another nanny camera to capture her activities with your children,

 For example, you might record a nanny giving your son Benadryl to get him to sleep – leaving him to sleep all day in a high chair.Some parents may hesitate to use nanny cams because they either trust their nanny or don’t want toinvade the nanny’s privacy. You need to weigh those attitudes with the safety of your children. You can’t see everything, but nanny cams can provide ample coverage. Otherwise, you have to rely on a neighbor who can make a surprise visit, or you can periodically drop in from work.

 Best Nanny Cam Option picked by site owner: 

The best and most cost effective Nanny Cams  are the Wi fi sd card nanny spy cameras offer the best of all features.  This unit will stream live video and audio to you mobile device, i.e. Smart phone, tablet, laptop and PC while recording on the internal SD card. This allows you they have the nanny spy camera on and recording as well as streaming the video and audio to you, with no computer running at home.  These units also offer the ability to watch the video on the sd card from your phone. For example, while you’re at work, you can check on your nanny and your children in real-time. It can be a huge time savings because you won’t need to take the time to spot-check a recording later on at your home.You need a wireless router and a laptop plus a camera or two. Some families invest more than necessary – buying and installing cameras throughout the home.


You can also choose from many nanny cams and take time to review the recordings after you’ve returned from work or other activities. But a WiFi Wireless  with a live streaming no sd card system is ideal. For example, while you’re at work, you can check on your nanny and your children in real-time. It can be a huge time savings because you won’t need to take the time to spot-check a recording later on at your home.You need a wireless router and a laptop plus a camera or two. Some families invest more than necessary – buying and installing cameras throughout the home. It’s best to start small and then decide whether you want to add other cameras over time. 


To begin, you can record a nanny where he or she spends the most time – probably near the biggest TV in the house.WiFi nanny cams can stream video to your PC, Tablet and cell phone while recording on your home computer. The recording function on these Nanny cams can be set to motion activated and/or full time recording, whichever you prefer. Wi-Fi nanny cams need to be plugged into an AC outlet. Wi-Fi nanny cams link directly to your wireless router and can be placed anywhere in your home or apartment. The software included with the Wi-Fi nanny cam can give you the ability to record or view remotely up to 16 cameras at once. Each of these cameras are often priced from $349 and can be upgraded to record and transmit audio along with the video. Wi-Fi nanny cams are compatible with Macintosh computers using a third party software called EvoCam, which can be purchased at


Self Recording  : Self recording nanny cams are the second most popular. These cameras contain a built in SD card recorder that records the video to a memory chip just like the one in your digital camera. The units can be AC powered or battery powered nanny cams.Self recording nanny cams cannot stream the video via the Internet. You will have to remove the memory chip from the unit and play the video on your computer. Self recording nanny cams can also be upgraded to record audio and video. The recording function on these can be set to motion activated and full time recording, whichever you prefer. They can cost as little as $129, but the quality is much better in the $499 price range.Mac User: You can choose from the wi-fi live streaming or theMac Compatible self recording nanny cams


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