The Best Spots to Place a WiFi Nanny Camera in Your Home

The Best Spots to Place a WiFi Nanny Camera in Your Home

Your child's safety and well-being take precedence over everything. As much as you'd love to be with your child 24/7, that's not possible. For many parents, working or going away on business is essential to making sure their child is taken care of.

That means sometimes leaving them in the care of someone else. According to studies performed by the American Society For The Positive Care of Children, 53.8% of abuse perpetrators are women. Not all nannies are female, but many of them are.

With those types of statistics, getting a WIFI nanny camera is your best bet. Thankfully, it's a foolproof option that helps you to ensure your little one's safety.

On that note, keep reading to learn more about nanny cams.

The Best Places to Put a WIFI Nanny Camera

In case you're unaware, it's perfectly legal to put a hidden camera in your home without the babysitter knowing. As the homeowner and the parent, you have the right to know how things are going to your home.

Here are some of the best spots to put your nanny cam.

The Living Room

One of the best places to put your nanny camera is in the living room or family room. It's an area where a lot of activity takes place. Also, it's most likely where the babysitter and your child will spend a lot of time.

It's a good idea to get a nanny cam with audio to put to the living room. That way, you can hear exactly what's going on.

Plus, the living room is the perfect place to disguise the camera within electronic devices like clocks and cable boxes.

Kitchen/ Dining Room

Another great place to hide a Wi-Fi nanny camera is in the kitchen. You want to make sure that you're child's food is being prepared properly, and there are no issues with theft if you have expensive items. Put a hidden camera in your cabinet to monitor activity.

Nursery/ Child's Bedroom

Make sure that you place a nanny cam with sound in your child's bedroom or the nursery. This is another place where the babysitter may spend a lot of time with your child.

It ensures that they are properly taking care of your baby and respecting the rules that you set for your child care requirements.

Play Room

If your child has a playroom, it's another great place to put a hidden camera. Kids tend to be loud and noisy when they're playing.

So if you have an abusive, upset nanny, the playroom is probably a place where she would lash out. If that happens, you want to catch it on film.

Home office

A Wi-Fi Nanny camera isn't just about keeping an eye on your child, but your belongings as well. If you have important documents or valuables within your home office, you should put a nanny cam in there.

Unfortunately, when hiring a stranger you not only have to worry about the mistreatment of your kid, but other home violations too.

Places Not to Put a Nanny Camera

Although you have a right to record in your house, certain places should be off-limits. Don't put the camera in a bathroom or a guest room were they babysitter might change their clothes.

Even when you're trying to protect your home, you still have to provide a level of privacy for the nanny.

Clever Nanny Cam Options

Believe it or not, there are some pretty sneaky options out there for hidden cameras. After all, most people will behave if they know they're being watched. If you don't want the babysitter to know you're recording them, try out these gadgets.

Nanny Camera Clock

A camera disguised as a clock is the perfect way to record in your home undetected. You can place it in pretty much any room of a house and it won't be suspicious. It's perfect!

Fire Detector Camera

Another great option for concealing your recordings is to use a fire alarm camera. You can place it in an area that gives you a broad view of the room, making it easier for you to see what's going on.

Plus, the babysitter will never suspect they're on camera.

Fake Plant Camera

Who would ever think that a plant is recording them? Probably no one, which is why it's the perfect option for recording home activities while you're away.

You can place it in the kitchen, living room, or bedroom as a decoration and it won't be detected.

Mantel Clock

A mantle clock nanny camera works well in the living room or bedroom. Again, you can disguise it as a decoration, and it'll catch any foul activity. Sit it on a nightstand or bookshelf to get the best angle of a room.

Give Your Child the Protection They Deserve

It goes without saying that your child means the world to you. Installing a Wi-Fi Nanny camera isn't about being paranoid, it's about making sure that your child is cared for in your absence.

If you're looking for a nanny cam, we've got you and your child covered. We provide a variety of different cams to choose from. Check out our inventory to find the latest in cam gadgets.

If you have any questions about our products, call us at 1-800-916-7052. One of our staff members will be more than happy to answer any questions that you have.

We're here to help you secure your home and have peace of mind.

7 Jul 2020