How to Use a Nanny Cam as a Monitoring System for the Elderly

How to Use a Nanny Cam as a Monitoring System for the Elderly

Mar 31st 2020

How to Use a Nanny Cam as a Monitoring System for Elderly in the Home

Are you worried about the quality of your loved ones' in-home care? Learn how to set up a nanny cam for the elderly in the home to keep an eye on things.

In America, senior falls are the number 1 cause of both fatal and non-fatal injuries. If you have an older loved one who lives alone, then you may be concerned about their safety.

Even if they have a caretaker, you still may have some worries. Around 10% of American seniors suffer from elder abuse.

For your peace of mind, you might want to install a camera system in their home so you can promptly help them if needed. But how do you do so without invading their privacy?

Here's how you can set up a nanny cam as a monitoring system for senior citizens.

Get Consent

First things first: you need to get consent from your elderly relatives. Even if you only have the best intentions, they may still feel uncomfortable with the idea of senior monitoring devices.

In that case, even if you want to get peace of mind, you can't force your loved ones to have cameras installed. And you certainly can't do it yourself without them knowing either. Not only is this betraying their trust, but it's also illegal to do.

So if they refuse to have a nanny cam installed, it's best if you table it for the time being. You might be able to revisit the issue in a while; you never know, they might just change their mind.

Check State and Federal Laws

Once you've gotten your relatives' consent, the next thing to do is to check both state and federal laws. This is especially important if you're planning on monitoring people like their nurses and caretakers.

In general, you're allowed to record video inside a place of residence. However, you can't record in places where people expect to have privacy, such as the bathroom and bedroom.

And that doesn't include audio; that's a whole other set of laws regarding recording audio. Federal laws say you may record audio if at least one party consents.

However, some states (like California) require the consent of all parties. An exception would be an intruder, such as a burglar.

So even if your senior relatives are gung ho about setting up an elderly monitoring camera, that doesn't mean you can jump straight into it. Make sure you research both local and federal laws to ensure you don't end up doing something illegal.

Nursing Homes

Just because your loved one is in a nursing home doesn't necessarily mean a camera system is out of the question.

Laws will indeed differ from state to state, but you should be able to put up a camera in their nursing home room in many states. In most cases, you'll have to get the consent of any roommates, place the cameras in plain sight, and also put up a notice outside the room letting passersby know there's a surveillance system inside.

Consider Your Options

Room monitors for the elderly aren't a one-size-fits-all thing. The type(s) you choose will depend on what you wish to achieve.

Read on to find out about the different types of cameras and what purposes they might suit.

WiFi Nanny Cams

If you want to be able to access footage from the cameras at any time, any place, consider WiFi nanny cams. These usually have apps for smartphones so all you have to do is tap on a button to see if anything's going on.

You can also get motion detection alerts and recording capabilities. Some also allow two-way communication, so it can be a great way to check-in with your senior relatives.

Small Nanny Cams

Want to be discreet? Or is there just not much space in your loved one's home to put a full security camera up? Then you'll want to get a small nanny cam.

These are usually very thin and small, which means you can easily place them in any nook or cranny and still get good footage from them.

Cloud Recording Nanny Cams

Cloud recording nanny cams are ideal if you want continuous recording done. Not only does the cloud allow for much more storage, but it also lets you access these files from any device that has the internet.

If you're constantly hopping around from device to device, this type of nanny cam can make it more convenient for you to pull up the files you want.

Battery-Operated Nanny Cams

Another way to get good surveillance is to have stealthy battery-operated nanny cams. Because they're not restricted by wires, these cameras can go in anything and any place.

Many are made to look like everyday items, such as outlets, stuffed animals, or Bluetooth speakers. This can be a good way to catch an abusive caretaker.

Night Vision Nanny Cams

Do you suspect a caretaker of nighttime elder abuse while your loved one is asleep? Then you'll need to get a night vision nanny cam.

You can get one in addition to one of the other types on this list. That way, you can get 24/7 coverage on your family member.

Purchase a Nanny Cam Today

If you've been wondering about using a nanny cam for seniors, then hopefully, this article has given you some good ideas on how to set them up without being too intrusive.

Make sure your loved one understands you're doing this out of concern for their safety. Of course, if they're not comfortable with the idea, don't force it on them. But if they're open to it, work together to figure out a way so you can keep an eye on them without taking away too much of their independence.

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