How to Tell If You Have a Bad Babysitter: 7 Things to Look Out For

How to Tell If You Have a Bad Babysitter: 7 Things to Look Out For

Jul 28th 2020

Today, with the average babysitter charging $13.44 an hour, you want to make sure you're getting your money's worth. Are you concerned you might have a bad babysitter? Or, you want to verify they're a good sitter?

In this article, explore the top signs you'll want to look for to know if you have a bad babysitter. Don't delay reading this so you can make sure that your child is getting the care and treatment they need and deserve!

1. Your Child Seems Scared of the Babysitter

While some children seem skittish around others they don't know too well if they've had this sitter for a while, and still don't feel comfortable, it could be a warning sign that something is wrong. Over time, if your child still feels uncomfortable, try digging more into why.

Do you think you have an abusive nanny, or do you think that they're just not a good fit with each other? To catch a bad babysitter, consider installing a nanny cam.

2. Doesn't Do the Instructions That Were Provided

Before hiring a babysitter you should always go over the expectations and requirements for the position. Do you tell them that your child needs a bath at a certain time, and be in bed, but you notice nothing gets done?

Write down the instructions so they can't claim that they forgot. If you come home at 10 pm and your kid is still up, you might want to consider a different babysitter.

3. Vague on Their Day

Whether you hired a babysitter for the evening, or during the day while you're at work, it's normal to want to hear about their day. Ask them about how your child's day was.

If they're not open about what they did, it might be a sign of a bad babysitter. While a babysitter isn't a teacher, there should be the expectation of them spending time with your child. Whether that's playing in the yard or doing fun art activities inside.

4. Common Accidents

Nanny abuse can remain hidden or right in front of you. You know your child, so if they have more injuries than is normal for them, something might be up.

While accidents do happen, if it's a common occurrence, you'll want to investigate the situation and install a nanny camera. Remember that your child's health and well-being should always be a top concern.

Your nanny might not be abusive, but instead, isn't paying attention to your child. Even if you have a non-abusive but inattentive caregiver, you'll want to consider switching babysitters.

5. Arrives Late

While emergencies do happen, does your babysitter often arrive late? Or maybe they cancel altogether and don't show up? When you have plans, whether that's going out with friends to a restaurant, or going to work, you need someone reliable.

At the same time, if they show up on time but always have to leave earlier than the agreed-upon time, that's a red flag as well. You want someone reliable and who you can count on to take care of your child.

6. Kids Don't Want to Be With Them

While it's normal in the beginning, months or weeks later do you still notice your child doesn't want to be left alone with your babysitter? While your child could be experiencing separation anxiety, you want to make sure it's not something more serious.

It could just be that they're not a good fit. Maybe your child hates arts and crafts and would rather play with their toys. But, the babysitter is used to doing arts and crafts with other kids.

Pay attention to how your child feels and try to ask them privately why they don't want to spend time with their babysitter. While an abusive nanny is a worst-case scenario, you also don't want one someone who will just sit in front of the TV all day.

7. a Critical Babysitter

Does the babysitter seem critical of you and your parenting? While constructive criticism is one thing, if they're extremely critical that's a sign it's not a good match.

Do you notice that they challenge any of your instructions or basic care for your child? Or, maybe they don't want to follow the rules and think they're not necessary?

A lazy babysitter is a bad fit for any family. Choose someone who will follow your instructions and not be critical of them.

Babysitter Warning Signs

While the above could be signs of a bad babysitter, there are other signs you should look into as well. Another sign to watch out for is if the babysitter invites people over without your permission.

Some babysitter warning signs are:

  • Inviting people over without you knowing
  • Stealing items
  • Your child is uncomfortable with the sitter
  • Many accidents
  • Instructions aren't followed
  • Your babysitter is secretive about their day
  • Your child is acting differently
  • Your child's sleeping patterns seem off

Remember, you'll want a babysitter who engages with you and your child. You always want someone reliable and responsible for your child.

Also, how does your child look when you come home? Do they seem hungry, dirty, disheveled? If the babysitter followed your instructions, there's no reason for any of these to occur.

Is your child tired when you get home? If they can't even keep their eyes open, their babysitter might not have given them their daily nap. You want a sitter who will do your requirements and needs necessary for the health of your child.

Spotting a Bad Babysitter

Now that you've learned how to spot a bad babysitter, you should be well on your way to deciding what your child is currently experiencing. Looking for a discreet way to have a nanny cam installed in your home?

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