5 Benefits of Using Nanny Cams for Monitoring Elderly Relatives

5 Benefits of Using Nanny Cams for Monitoring Elderly Relatives

Jun 7th 2020

Nanny cams are amazing at ensuring your little ones are cared for appropriately when you're not there to see to it yourself. Leaving your children behind is daunting, which is why so many parents installed nanny cams in their homes, but what about your elderly relatives?

We use nanny cams in our homes for our children who can't take care of themselves, but as our elder relatives age, they can no longer take care of themselves either. Your elderly loved ones need just as much monitoring as your little ones.

Using nanny cams for elderly loved ones is a great idea. If you can use them to keep an eye on your children, then you can use them to keep an eye on your parents or grandparents when necessary. If you're still not sure if using a nanny cam to watch over your elders is right for you or not, then continue reading below.

Here's everything you need to know about installing nanny cams for your elderly loved ones!

1. Keep an Eye on Them At All Times

As your elderly loved ones age, they aren't able to take care of themselves as much as they once were. If you're like many other people, then you have your own job to clock into and family to be at home with. So, it's not possible for you to be with your elderly loved one at all times.

When you're not able to be there with them, you can tune into the nanny cams to ensure they're doing well. This can come in handy for those who are worried about slip and falls or other injuries. If something is wrong, you can send immediate help to their house.

The quicker you're able to send help or get there to help them yourself, the better chance they have of a fast recovery.

2. Keep an Eye on the Caregiver

You'll want to know what's going on behind closed doors with your elderly loved one and caregiver when you're not there. It's hard to trust anyone, and we've all heard the horror stories of caregivers not doing their job.

Is your loved one being neglected or abused? Are they getting the care they deserve? Installing nanny cams will give you the answers to these questions from the start.

You can openly communicate with the caregiver about the nanny cam. You don't have to let the caregiver know where the cameras are located, but you can let them know that they'll be watched. As long as you don't install cameras in private places such as the bathrooms or the caregiver's private bedroom if live-in, then it's legal.

Putting your trust in a stranger to take good care of your elderly loved one isn't easy, but sometimes it's the only option we have. When your only choice is to have a caregiver come to your loved one's home while you're away, nanny cams can give you some peace of mind.

3. Communicate With Them Remotely

Another great benefit of using nanny cams with your elderly loved ones is that you can communicate with them remotely when needed. Some nanny cams allow you to speak with the person on the other side, giving you access to your loved one 24/7.

It's also great for your loved one to have access to you 24/7 via video. If there's something that they're trying to do, but they need help, you can see exactly what's going on and help him or her from your smartphone. Frequent communication also helps combat loneliness, a common problem with older adults.

4. Become Aware of Problems

There might be problems happening in your elderly loved one's household that you're not aware of. As they age, they might not have the ability to explain certain things to you or they might forget.

If you notice that your loved one is receiving injuries or maybe something isn't being done by the caregiver that should be, then you can use the nanny cam to correct the issue. Let the nanny cam be the eyes on the back of your head.

Your loved one might not be able to tell you what's going on, but you can see exactly how he or she is getting hurt or why something isn't being done correctly when you watch the nanny cam footage.

5. Act as Their Own Personal Security

If anything were to happen when you're not there to help, then the nanny cam acts as their own personal security system. How? If someone were to break in, then you can contact the police for your loved one.

Some nanny cams even have sensors that will notify you if something sets it off. Your loved one might not know to contact 911, but you will. If any wrongdoing is happening at their home, even at night, you can fix the problem quickly and act as their private remote security guard.

Using Nanny Cams Is Beneficial for You and Your Loved One

Nanny cams are versatile. Whether you have young children at home who need video surveillance, or whether you have an elderly loved one in need of care, using nanny cams is a great idea!

After reading through this guide, we hope you understand all of the benefits of installing nanny cams in your home or your loved ones' home for them.

Are you ready to give yourself and your loved one some peace of mind?

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