Pen Camera with HD Video and Audio

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  • Pen Camera with HD Video and Audio
  • Pen Camera with HD Video and Audio
  • Pen Camera with HD Video and Audio
  • Pen Camera with HD Video and Audio
  • Pen Camera with HD Video and Audio
  • Pen Camera with HD Video and Audio
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Introducing the Pen Camera with FHD1080P resolution, an innovative solution for discreet surveillance needs. Crafted with precision engineering and packed with cutting-edge features, this versatile device seamlessly blends into everyday scenarios, ensuring unparalleled security and peace of mind.

High Definition Video Quality: Step into a world of unparalleled clarity with Full HD 1080P resolution. Every detail is captured with stunning precision, delivering crisp and clear video footage for accurate monitoring and recording.

Discreet Design: Experience covert surveillance like never before with the sleek and inconspicuous design of this pen camera. Cleverly disguised as a functional writing instrument, it blends seamlessly into any environment, making it ideal for discreet recording in home security setups or classroom learning environments.

Long Battery Life: Enjoy extended recording sessions with an impressive 180 minutes of battery life. Whether you're conducting covert surveillance or capturing important moments in the classroom, this camera ensures uninterrupted operation for extended periods, minimizing the need for frequent recharging.

Versatile Applications: From home security monitoring to classroom learning and beyond, this pen camera serves a multitude of purposes. Whether you're safeguarding your home, gathering evidence for personal security, or enhancing educational experiences in the classroom, this versatile device delivers uncompromising performance.

Easy Operation: Experience hassle-free recording with intuitive controls and user-friendly operation. Simply press a button to start recording, making it effortless to capture important moments on the go. With its compact size and lightweight design, this pen camera is convenient to carry and use whenever the need arises.

Ample Storage Capacity: Available with a 32GB internal memory, this pen camera offers ample storage space for storing hours of recorded footage. Say goodbye to the hassle of frequent data transfers or worrying about running out of storage space during critical moments.

Elevate your surveillance game with the Pen Camera with FHD1080P resolution. Designed for reliability, performance, and discretion, this innovative device sets the standard for modern surveillance solutions in home security and educational settings.





  • Camera Pen: Built-in 350mAh battery, fully charged can work for 180 minutes. Suitable for multiple occasions.
  • Portable pocket camera: A body camera with a pen clip, which can be clipped to a shirt pocket or notebook.
  • Camera Pen:One-button switch design is easy to use and camera no voice. Operate video shooting and camera mode with one button.
  • Unit includes: Camera pen*1, USB data/charging cable*1, replaceable pen core*5, thimble*1, instruction manual*1.


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