WiFi Nanny Camera with Audio and Video Live Feed WiFi,1080P

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*Record and Watch Live From Any Where In The World
*Crystal Clear 4K UHD Video and Audio Available

*Easy Sey Up In Under  Minutes

* In Stock And Ready To Ship From The USA 

*1 Year warranty
*Unlimited Tech Support

*In stock and ready to ship

*Easy Set up in under 10 min
*Watch and record live from your phone 
*Clear 1080p Hd video and audio
*1 Year warranty
*Unlimited tech support

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  • WiFi Nanny Camera with Audio and Video Live Feed WiFi
  • WiFi Nanny Camera with Audio and Video Live Feed WiFi
  • WiFi Nanny Camera with Audio and Video Live Feed WiFi,1080P
  • WiFi Nanny Camera with Audio and Video Live Feed WiFi,1080P
  • WiFi Nanny Camera with Audio and Video Live Feed WiFi,1080P
  • WiFi Nanny Camera with Audio and Video Live Feed WiFi,1080P
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  • 2022 The Latest Version WiFi Camera:  This is the latest wide angle Wi-Fi camera of smallest size supporting both iOS and Android devices. Get it hooked up to network (Compatible with 2.4GHz WiFi), you will be able to live stream remotely from anywhere in the world. If no network, simply insert a card (Max 256GB. Not included) to record and you can access the camera on the App by connecting to the camera's own hotspot and being within range of the hotspot.
  • Excellent Live Stream Nanny Cam: Thanks to the 1080P and 150 Degree wide angle lens, the  camera captures details clearly and give you a greater scope of view on everything that’s happening. The compact design makes it easy to hide around anywhere like in the home or office. Perfect as surveillance or nanny camera in: office, home and car etc.
  • Recording while Charging Camera: This smallest spy camera contains a 300mAh battery which can last about 1 hour. Besides, you can plug it to a 10000mAh battery pack (Not included) to record up to 30 hours. Or get it plugged in to USB port with output 5V/1A or above to have it work continuously. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that you can watch over your valuables at any time.
  • All in One Wireless Camera: The camera is quite small but it comes with all useful features you need for a WiFi Mini camera: 150° Wide Angle, Built-in Magnet, 1080P Live Video, Motion Activated Push Alerts, No-Glow IR Night Vision, Recording while Charging, Playback/Snapshot/Record Remotely, iOS and Android Compatible, Live Stream from Anywhere, SD Card Recording, Free App, One App Multiple Cameras, One Camera Multiple Users and More.
  • Motion Detection and Night Vision: With the upgraded motion detection, now you can set sensor sensitivity manually. Once a motion is detected, you will receive instant Push Notification with images and can log into the App to see what’s going on in real time. Never worry about missing something important. The night vision features covert design of 6 non-luminous infrared IR lights reaching 15 feet range. You can remotely switch it on/off via the App.





Just download the new app HIDVCAM for your iOS or Android devices. The camera works with 2.4GHz Wi-Fi networks only (does not support 5GHz Wi-Fi). The camera supports Max 256GB Micro SD Card (Not included). You can also use it without memory card, but you will only be able to save recordings to your iOS/Android devices or cloud storage subscribed. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to let us know.

About Battery Life: This comes with high quality 300mAh battery which can last around 1 hour. Besides, you can get it plugged in to a portable battery pack (Not included) like 10000mAh for working about 30 hours continuously. Or you can get it plugged into USB charger to have it work 24/7.

Mini Spy Camera Wireless Hidden Camera HD 1080P WiFi Camera AREBI Home Security Cameras Camcorder

Wireless Security Camera A10 Plus - A Great Choice for All of Your Surveillance Needs

WiFi Round  Camera A10 Plus is designed for your home security. Each unit comes with its unique hotspot (UID - Unit's Identity) and nobody can access the camera without your authorization. Despite its small size, it includes all useful features you want for a WiFi camera. With WiFi connectivity to room's router WiFi (2.4G Only), you can watch live video or playbacks via the App no matter where you are. The camera works great as a housekeeper or nanny cam monitoring your home or office 24/7 continuously being plugged in.


●HD 1080P Live Video
●150° Wide Angle Lens
●Motion Detection Push Alerts
●IR Night Vision
●Recording while Charging
●Built-in Rechargeable Battery
●One App Multiple Cameras
●One Camera Multiple Users
●Playback/Snapshot/Record Remotely
●New App without Monthly Charges
●iOS and Android/ Only 2.4GHz Wifi Compatible
●Loop/Motion/Schedule Recording of SD Card (Max 256GB. Not Included)


Mini Spy Camera Wireless Hidden Camera HD 1080P WiFi Camera AREBI Home Security Cameras USB Charging

Mini Spy Camera Wireless Hidden Camera HD 1080P WiFi Camera AREBI Home Security Cameras Wide Angle

Mini Spy Camera Wireless Hidden Camera HD 1080P WiFi Camera AREBI Home Security Cameras night vision

Mini Spy Camera Wireless Hidden Camera HD 1080P WiFi Camera AREBI Home Security motion detection

Simple to Use

Fix it easily! With built-in strong magnet, the camera can be tightly adsorbed on an arbitrary iron surface. Using the extra magnetic mount included, you can install the camera at any places and adjust the camera in any direction manually.

The camera comes with two USB charging cables. One is normal; the other is Flexible Semi Rigid USB Cable which can get the camera stand easily. You can also maneuver the cam at any angles or position by the cable as you need.

Wide Angle View

With 150 degree wide angle lens, the mini camera allows you to see more details happening in the room. The quality lens also features 1080P video and excellent recording capability under low light conditions.

You can view live-stream surveillance footage over the internet via the APP on your iPhone/ iPad, Android Smartphone/ Tablet, or Computer. You can also watch all of your old videos saved on your phone or on the Micro SD Card from anywhere in the world.

IR Night Vision

The Infrared IR lamp beads are of 940nm (No Glow) used for the camera so they are invisible under working. Equipped with 6 pieces of the quality IR lights, the spy camera can provide you with live stream video even under dark situations.

The night vision range can reach 5M and you can turn it on or off remotely by the App. The performance of IR lights for this spy camera can bring you good experience at night for such a small size camera.

Motion Activation

The intelligent motion detection for this mini camera allows you to get Motion Activated Push Notification Alerts on the phone when motion sensor is triggered so you won’t miss any important events even you leave the camera unattended.

With the adjustable motion sensor sensitivity, you can easily set it to any level as you need on the App. You can even set a specific time frame for push alerts in order not to receive the unwanted.

Mini Spy Camera Wireless Hidden Camera HD 1080P WiFi Camera Home Security Magnet Mount

Hidden Camera A10 Plus Applicable to:

● Fixing the versatile WiFi camera in your home, you are able to keep tracking of who’s coming and going continuously. Protect your kids from sneaking out and your belongings from being stolen. The hidden camera can also perfectly act as babysitter with motion detected push alerts. You can get it to monitor your pets as well when you are away.

● Perfect surveillance camera for your office or business place. One camera can support multiple users and one app can support multiple cameras simultaneously. You can always check up on your property in real-time when you’re not around and have all the evidence against theft and any unwanted intruders.

● The hidden camera can serve as a car DVR. You can power it by car charger or portable charger for continuous working. Absorb it on pet's iron pendant to explore pet’s perspective and see what may happen. Adsorb the mini camera on basketball stand to capture your exciting scoring moments. How fantastic!


Why choose us?

mini hidden spy camera wifi nanny cameras AREBI A10 Plus

AREBI Mini Security Camera A10 Plus the latest 2022 version upgraded as below:-

The App is New and BetterThe new app HIDVCAM is more steady and secure. Without your authorization other users can't access the camera.

New Generation LensIt won't be off focus and the image stays clear in spite of working continuously. And it works much better in low lights.

Works as a Normal Camera without WiFiInsert a card and the camera will start loop recording automatically. On the App you can change to motion activated or schedule recording. You can connect your phone to the camera's own hotspot to live stream in the same time.

- Access the SD Card RemotelyYou can access the SD card to playback or download the recordings on the app anytime from anywhere in the world.

Turn Off All Status LEDs via the AppSimply tap the icon of Indicator to turn all of them off on the app so nobody will know the camera is working.

- Motion Activated Event NotificationYou don’t have to keep staring at the live feed waiting for something out of the ordinary to happen. The camera will send you a message with snapshots onto your device as soon as it detects motion nearby. As soon as you see the message, you can open the app to see what’s happening in real-time. You can then take action immediately by contacting the authorities, a loved one or one of your employees.

About How To Set Up The Camera: It's easy to set up the camera and normally it just needs a few minutes. There are 2 different ways you can hook your camera up to network. One way is by scanning code within the app. The other way is by connecting to the camera's own hotspot which works for all versions' cameras and just needs six steps as below: 1. Reset the camera; 2. With flashing green light on the camera, access WiFi settings of your phone to locate and switch to the camera's own hotspot starting with IPC; 3. Open the App, the camera added by itself. Choose Confirm on connecting to Wi-Fi and set camera's personal password; 4. Choose your router WiFi from the list and input WiFi password; 5. Just wait about one minute. Swipe down to refresh and the camera will come back Online; 6. Touch the Play icon and bind the camera with the App. Now all is done! Congrats!

Please refer to the included user manual and reach the Support Team if any questions or if you need detailed steps, video guide, PDF manual in English or Spanish. The team is ready to help you! Thank you very much!

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