Below are testimonials from when we started back in 2007.
There are a lot of choices on the web for nanny cams but what makes Know Your Nanny different is the customer service.  Mike was informative and especially helpful in supplying me with two easy to use cameras and even    beat the competitors price! Having a trusted and knowledgeable help person make a decision to protect your most precious possession is priceless!


You're a lifesaver.  I did as you directed and was able to watch the video from Friday and Monday.  My husband and I did not like what we saw.  We plan to fire the nanny tomorrow morning.  I appreciate your persistence in helping me find a solution. 


Thank you, Mike!




 This email is to let you know how much I appreciate you and the service you have provided us with the nanny cams.
We had what we thought was the best nanny ever.  Her references all checked out with flying colors.  Everyone loved her (7 of them).  We sat down to watch the first night and could not believe what we saw!!!!!!!!!!!!     
 call her Suzanne.  She started cleaning up and putting away our 16 month olds toys 10 mins after we left!!!!  She put our daughter down to bed 30 before her bed time.  She was on her phone texting the whole time and did not play or engage any activities at all.  She brought our daughter down stairs again after putting her to bed and hd her up for another hour.  When we asked her about the night, she lied and said the baby was sound asleep at 730pm.  I told her I was sure she was up past that time and the the she just looked at me like a deer in headlights.  She denied everything I saw on the recording. As I asked more questions she got very uncomfortable. She finally broke down and said "if your baby wasnt such a winning little thing I wouldn't have had to do that"  SERIOUSLY????? 
I believe that we were able to avoid a possible disaster by catching this behavior early.  I wish I could tell my story to all parents looking for or who have sitters in their home.  I would also direct them to YOUTUBE to look at "baby sitter nightmares" to see people say "I cant believe it....this was my brother/sister/mother in law who hit my kid"  "I totally trusted them.      
BOTTOM LINE:  YOU HAVE NO IDEA FOR SURE WHAT IS GOING ON IN YOUR HOUSE WHEN YOU ARE NOT THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your kid/s are worth the investment.  Best money I ever spent!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Mike from KNOW YOUR NANNY is extremely knowledgeable and very helpful.  I bought 2 monitors and I am placing an order for another today.  The piece of mind in invaluable!!!!!!!
 Thanks Mike!
________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________



Hi Mike,

 I have to tell you what happen yesterday, while my wife was upstairs she heard a loud thump followed by my 6 month old crying. She ran down stairs and the nanny told her that he was standing up on the carpet while she was fixing his pants and he lunged backwards out of her hands and his head hit the floor. While we believed her and my son was ok, it was a relief to be able to go and watch the event later on to prove that she was not lying!
 As far as I’m concern……The system is priceless!



Ron,  New jersey

So Glad I Purchased a Nanny Cam,    


After 2 years of having a nanny in my home watching my 2.5 and 3.5 year old, I suspected a change in her behavior as she was becoming more fanatic about her religion. I bought a nanny camera and discovered that she was bringing in a portable TV and playing religious CD's to my children. Although it was not abusive, I felt very violated that she subjected my children to this. I confronted her several times to have her admit on her own that she did this and she looked at me right in the eye and said "she never subjected my kids to her religion and she never lied to me". I cannot put in words how important the nanny camera is to me as it reveals everything. I had to fire the nanny because I lost all trust in her, if she lied to me about this, what else is she lying about?
Concerned parent.
Ny, NY     







Show Your Loved Ones You Really Care. In a "Perfect World" there would never be a need for a product like this. Unfortunately the most vulnerable at some point will fall  victim to the "less than acceptable treatment of someone else". Regardless if it's your infant child or an elderly parent. The most important thing I can say is "Trust Your Instincts". So often we try to justify why we really don't need something like this but the reality is, offer yourself and your loved ones that added protection.


Many of us spend more money on security systems for our homes and automobiles, then second guess ourselves if we should spend the money to protect our loved ones.  This will be the "Best Investment Of A Lifetime". You cannot put a price on "peace of mind". I cannot thank Knowyournanny,s representatives enough for everything he has done for our family. In fact we purchased a 2nd unit for an additional location shortly after receiving the first one. The support team will personally make sure you are completely happy, walks you through the entire process should you have any questions. You will be amazed at this outstanding technology. I found Knowyournann's Great Reputation shown on the various TV Stations, offered added reassurance and validation for his company. My only regret is I did not act quicker on purchasing these units. It's never too late but please don't hesitate. Unfortunately I should have trusted my instincts long ago but now I have that added peace of mind knowing I am watching over my loved ones to ensure their safety.



Thankful Customer
 I know first hand I made the best decision of a Lifetime.




 Hi, I have purchased one of your camera to keep an eye on my baby and I can honestly say I am very happy with the result… thankfully my nanny is very good with the baby and the camera is great just to make sure everything is ok, and helped me with the anxiety I have for leaving my baby.


Middle East 




Dear Mike, 

We like our nanny cam a lot. It is so easy to watch our Nanny online and the cam is so perfect hidden in this clock that nobody ever would see that that is a nanny cam.
Also I'm very happy with the costumer service!

 Thank you







I am thrilled about the nanny cam.  I can be at work and watch my mom at home . She has Alzheimers and this has given me piece of mind about leaving her now.  It was so easy to set up that I had it up and running within minutes.  

 Thank you for this fantastic item.





Dickson, TN






  As you know, my husband and I recently purchased a nanny cam from you and it was the best money we ever spent.  We hired someone with impeccable references from 2 different families with whom she had collectively worked for 9.5 years.  We placed the nanny cam and within 30 minutes of us leaving our home we witnessed her slapping our daughter on the hand multiple times simply because she was taking off her bib.  She continued to neglect her all day long and left her alone while she watched TV on our couch.  We would have never suspected this behavior based on her actions when we were around and had we not had your camera in our home, we would have hired her and who knows how the abuse would have progressed.  Thank you so much for giving us the ability to protect our child. 



Monroe, NY






The pir motion sensor is working great.Looks good too. I can also say we're happy with what it's seen so far. Clock still working good as well. Thanks for your great support and fast delivery.









I bought my first nanny cam. You were very helpfull. When my cam arrived it was easy to set up, and the video is very clear! We are very happy buyers. Thank you for helping keep my sick mom safe!!!


Portsmouth,  VA


I have never been more satisfied with a product and its tech support.  Not being a very technical person I was very worried about the installing the devices and problem solving but know your nanny tech support has been there to hold my hand through any issues I have had. Setting it up was surprisingly easy.



Malibu C,A


4-29-2010 was extremely helpful in determining the right nanny cam for me and my needs. I was looking for something undetectable and easy-to-install that would give me quick results. Mike narrowed down the choices based on this for me which was critical since the options are practically limitless.. Since my initial purchase, Mike has been there every step of the way to answer any questions that I have. He is always easily reachable whether it be via phone or email. I will definitely continue to use Mike and recommend him to others for any additional surveillance needs that I may have in the future!




 I am writing you because I previously purchased two nanny cams from your website. I received both. Thank you very much. The reason I am contacting you today is because thanks to the nanny cam I was able to see that my nanny was not doing what she was supposed to be doing while I was at work and I ended up firing her about a month ago.
Thank You,


Thanks you for the wonderful and supportive job you did with helping us outfit our home with Nanny cams!  We were suspicious of our first nanny and wanted to keep a close eye on Nanny #2.  With the ease and affordability of your systems, I was able to outfit my entire house.  The new nanny has worked out just perfectly and we have not needed the cameras to "spy" on her activity.  The unexpected bonus of having the cameras has been in allowing us to see what all three toddlers are doing during the day when we are at work.  We feel much more connected to their daily activities and can see when they gang up on the nanny!  She knows we "check-in" often from work and is very comfortable with the idea- she has nothing to hide! 
On days when I am really missing them, or feeling the "mommy guilt" from working away from home, I can watch them nap, eat lunch or create artwork (and sometime havoc!) from my desk at the office!  I can also watch them from my home office as they play in the playroom (3 floors away!).  We are grateful for the initial protection the cameras provided but even more so for the way we have been able to stay in touch and watch our kids as they play, grow and learn!  Your system was very easy to install and the extremely competitive pricing allowed us to meet comfortably all of our needs in outfitting our house withnanny cams!   
Many thanks, Karen and family
(Rockville, MD)



  I cannot say enough about the quality customer service that Know Your Nanny provided me.  While I did have problems installing the nanny cam, Know Your Nanny was there to help me every step of the way - with installation advice and guidance, and even coordinating calls with third parties to help address some of my computer issues.  Mike - thanks again for your help.  I just got a new computer, so am going to have to go through the installation of the new device you sent me a while back, but hopefully I won't have any issues.
Best of luck to you this holiday season.  I know my wife recommended you guys to a few friends.
Teaneck New Jersey 
After searching the Internet for a while, I finally decided to go with Knowyournanny.comWhat made me do so - it was the most relevant for a parent. Most other
sites were meant for small to large businesses, with expensive and sophisticated close circuit tv equipment: a definite overkill. Ordering process was easy, and a courtesy call to confirm the shipment
was a nice touch. The camera was delivered promptly. The camera broke  once, but was replaced very quickly, and we even got an upgrade to a color one "for the inconvenience".
It works ever since without a problem for over a year now. There is no doubt about the integrity of our nanny anymore (we got lucky), but a few minor "adjustments" were necessary based on what we observed. And
I still like to have a peek at what my little angel is up to when I am at work or away. Motion detection feature is also activated "just in case". You can watch video feed online or review a recording after
work - both options are available, and both are still used.








Thank you for getting back to us.  We have been very happy with your service and responsiveness.We set up the two cameras you sent, and they have really given us the chance to stay connected with what our nanny is doing on a daily basis.  We don’t know what we would do without the cameras.



Thanks again!

New York City






Mike went out of the way to make sure we are satisfied with the cameras, DVR and installation. He patiently answered all our questions before recommending the camera system. I would definely recommend Marquis Security Cameras for their great service.

New Jersey




I placed an order with Mike from not expecting to find anything wrong with my nanny.  I checked all her references, met with her many times before hiring her. I even had her do test runs with me and my 2 month old 4 times before going back to work.  I was paying top dollar in my market for a nanny to come to my house and watch the most precious thing in my life. What a big surprise I had the first week back to work. Not only did she not care for my baby (never held the baby once all day even while feeding him) but she also was talking on the phone all day, eating and throwing crumbs on my carpet, and looked through every cupboard in my house. Now I only had 1 camera in the living room, but I can only assume she went through my entire house. 
This Does work?
Thank you,





We had the camera up and running Sunday night. My husband and I watched the video Monday night (the first day of filming) after we put our twin boys to bed and to our horror it confirmed our suspicions.
Police in attendance, the nanny was fired the very next day.

Thank you




Hi Michael,
I got the system right on time and it was incredibly easy to set up. I had an issue with a firewall on my computer, but the LukWerks tech support answered right away and walked me through how to fix it in just a few minutes. It wasn't a problem with their system, so I was happy to see that they helped me with the anti virus issue. After that it picked up the camera right away. It was so easy to use the software and go to the playback. I love that it shows little lines on a timeline where motion occurred and it's very easy to back up and view etc. This is a great system!! Much better than any I had researched on the web. Thanks for recommending it! When our new house is finished I'll call in to add more cameras to the system.

Susan, California








    Thank you very much for selling such amazingproducts.  My husband and I ordered the wireless lamp from yourcompany.  It is a challenge to know what companies have a good reputation whenordering over the internet.  We appreciate that you included on your web site segments from The View and Fox News, that helped us to know that you
are an honest man trying to help others.  We used the nanny cam over this past weekend just to give us peace of mind that our 8 month old daughter was
being cared for in the right manner.  Thank you also for following up with a phone call, and having the product sent in a timely manner.  We hope
that your business continues to such a success for years to come as your products will advance even more then you may know.  We will be telling our
friends and associates about your company. 




Dear Knowyournanny,


 The first time we rented from you, we had a new nanny.  For the rental period, we watched her read to our children, treat them with love and give them attention.  She was a wonderful part of our family for almost one year.  Then, she unfortunately fell ill and had to leave us.  So, as soon as we found her replacement, we went to mto rent from you again.  Our rental experience was as excellent the second time as the first.  We wish we could say that for the nanny.  While not terrible, she was not nearly as attentive or loving as the first.  She napped when the kids napped (at least not while they were up). The tv is on more than it used to be (but at least on children's shows), and the cleaning is not what it used to be.      But she is a nice woman, she is caring toward our children and the kids like her alot.  We have decided to talk with her and give it a few more weeks to see if her performance improves.  We'll probably be visiting     gain in a month or so to do a "follow up".      Thanks again for your excellent service.  It is so reassuring to know that you can see what goes on when you're not there.  That knowledge and the comfort it brings is proceless.


 Thankful Parents,

New York, NY







Dear Knowyournanny,


   My husband and I recently obtained nanny cam rental services from Know your nanny.  We had some minor concerns and feelings about the care that our nanny was providing to our 3 year old daughter and 8 month old son.  However, she appeared to be very caring and attentive to the children. Our nanny had great references and we also did a civil, criminal, and credit check on her prior to hiring her!

The first day the camera was installed we clearing noticed that she was removing a plastic bag with a white substance from her bra and placing the substance in the baby food.  The nanny fed the food to our baby and later put some more in his bottle.  We were overwhelmed and shocked!  We brought the children to the doctor and had blood and urine tests completed.  We will not know what she put in the food until the test come back.  However, we called the police and four different officers viewed the video.  The nanny was arrested and charged the next day.

We have not received the tests back and feel that she was sedating them in order for them to sleep all day.  The police said that the case would be very difficult to prove if we did not have the video.  The video caught everything she did head on and there is not doubt about her actions.

We are grateful to Mike Giordano and appreciate his assistance! Currently we have some help from a college girl, but we do not leave without 2 people being in the house.  We would have never known about the nanny medicating our children without the nanny cam.


The Kramers
Baton Rouge, LA



 Dear Knowyournanny,

As per our agreement I am writing to let you knowabout my experience with Know Your Nanny. Your contribution to helping us find suitable child
care was fantastic.  You made a nerve racking procedure very simple.  You responded to our questions promptly, your camera arrived quickly in a discrete package and
it worked like a charm.

We were happy to see that our instincts about the nanny we hired were on target.  Now I can go back to work knowing that our son will be in competent, loving

I would not hesitate to rent another camera from you and would certainly recommend your company to anyone
in our position.

Thank you.

Best regards,

Hartsdale, New York






Thank you for renting me nannycam equipment.  I am returning it per our agreement via FedEx.  The equipment worked quite well.  Both sound and picture quality were of high quality. I saw enough of my nanny to feel comfortable with her.  If I ever change caregivers, I suspect I'll be getting back to you for a purchase.


Best Regards,   

Chicago, Il






This e-mail is to confirm our use and return of the nanny camera. The camera worked wonderfully, and we were shocked to see our nanny basically ignoring our children.  It was a big eye-opener, and we will be finding a new nanny immediately.  Thank you for providing such a useful service.

Evanstown, IL



We rented a Wireless video camera from for a week. I received the package in a few days, everything was there, installation was easy and the instructions were clear and simple. Unfortunately, our nanny got sick that week and we didn't have a chance to use the system. Michael
from Knowyournanny was understanding and extended our rental period, but the nanny was sick the following week as well. We ended up returning the system without actually using   it, but will rent it again once we find a new nanny.


Thank You,
Satisfied Parent
Jersey City, NJ





I just wanted to follow up and say thanks! I was very happy with the product and service that I received.  The instructions were clear and the unit was very easy to set up.  I had one small problem because I didn't have the right remote control but you were very responsive when I paged you and I appreciate you following through to make sure that I was in good shape.

The clarity of the picture was great and I don't think that our nanny suspected a thing.  She has been with us almost a year and I just wanted to check in to make sure that she was doing as good of a job as we thought she was.  Based on what we saw. We gave her some feedback about things to do with our son during the day without her knowing that we had taped her. I was able to see her adapt her schedule based on our feedback.  I actually wished that I had gotten the 10 hour tape from you so that I could see more of the day.  I also wished that I had gotten more than one unit so that I could see them when they were in the basement and the family room. Thanks for giving me a better sense of comfort that we have a great nanny. I will definitely recommend your company to other parents!

West Orange, NJ



I rented a nanny cam mostly because I wanted assurance of someone I thought was a terrific and attentive nanny for our 8 month baby.  What I discovered was very different and a great disappointment.  Our nanny was not interacting with our child and doing the things she said she was, amounting to benign neglect.  We fired her immediately.  While this was a tremendously difficult thing to watch and acknowledge, without the nanny cam we would not have known how our baby was being taken care of. was extremely helpful in not only helping me to set up the nanny cam, but also in providing advice in how to handle the situation.  While I regret having to use this type of measure to begin with, I am grateful I did.

Washington, DC





I just wanted to tell you how happy I am that I decided to rent your nanny cam.  It was a real eye opening experience.  We ended up firing our sitter and are now in the process of filing charges.   I think the service and product you offer is wonderful, and I will be certain to tell everyone that I know.  Thank you so much!  


Morgantown, WV



Hi Mike,

We were very satisfied with the video surveillance unit we rented. Initially,  we encountered some difficulty setting the unit up.    We received excellent and immediate service from customer support who was able to assist us in getting the unit  up and running.  We were impressed with the quality of the picture and audio, which was outstanding.
Unfortunately, we were very disappointed with the results as our nanny is not nearly as competent as we had hoped.  However, by using the video, we were able to detect this problem.  We immediately replaced our nanny and will certainly monitor all future caregivers. I absolutely recommend this product to anyone who has a babysitter come to their home.

New York City



I just wanted to give you an update of my experience with your product.  I am a mother of a set of twin girls (2.5 yrs. old) and we live in Ridgewood, New Jersey.. I work 3 days a week and had a full time nanny. Most recently my daughters were expressing their lack of desire to be at home with my nanny which, bothered me. So I decided to rent one of your devices.  It was the best spent money.   After video taping her,  I unfortunately unveiled that she was not the person who I thought she was. She was extremely lazy, sat on the phone for 6 hours at a time, neglected my children  and slept on the job.  I would have never been able to know who she was for sure if, I didn't rent your equipment... Well, because of my experience with enough nannies I fired her and I am sending my children to nursery school instead of keeping them at home with another nanny.

Thanks so much for getting into this business and providing parents like myself a tool to monitor what goes on in my house when I'm not home. Again, it was the smartest purchase I ever made. I hope through this testimonial I will influence other smart educated parents to spend their money wisely.


Ridgewood, NJ



Hi Mike,

I've been meaning to send this off to you for some time now. I wanted to thank you for your diligence and hard work in helping me find a nanny cam
system that fit my application and worked in my environment.  So I'm good to go. It already has been a godsend to me. It has already saved me/my child/and my family undue grief, and in one instance protected my child from potential harm. I appreciate all your upfront help, support and speedy calls back. You are awesome!  If I EVER run across anyone in need of such devices, I'll be sure to have them contact you.

Missipn, CA



Dear Knowyournanny,

My experience with the nanny cam was bittersweet.  The device arrived to my home discreetly and was a cinch to set-up.  Unfortunately, after one day of use, I had no choice but to fire the nanny as I found out she was what the industry refers to as a "faker:"  Acts one way when with the parents but acts very differently (or indifferently) when we were not home.  Ultimately it is our child's well-being that we are concerned about so I thank you for making this experience possible and manageable.


New York City


Dear Knowyournanny,

We rented the audio/video air filter for 7 days to watch our nanny.  The unit worked exceptionally well and it was a snap to set up.  The audio and video images were crystal clear and we had a detailed view as to what happens in our home when we aren't around (we were relieved to see everything was o.k.).  I would recommend this equipment to everyone who has a person watching their child.
New York City