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Ztour-1080P HD IP WIFI Flexible Camera Camcorder Wireless Home Security

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  • Small Flex Camera: Remote viewing children, cars, babysitters etc using u21-wifi camera.With Alibaba cloud and ai's human body shape recognition technology, 14 mm ultra-compact camera lens, Metal hose, you can easily adjust the shooting angle.
  • Easy to use: customizable arming area and arming time. Real-time remote push alert to app.It work this wireless security camera can only work with 2.4GHz Wi-Fi router, not support 5GHz.
  • Motiom Detection: detect the shape of the human body and issue an alarm to app, The accuracy is higher! (Prevent false reports of wind, lawn, animal walking, etc.). Please note that the camera already has built-in motion detection. If you have high-precision testing requirements, you can purchase this service.
  • Cloud storage: The alarm screen will be uploaded to Alibaba cloud space even if the camera is stolen or the memory card is damaged. Please log in to the user account and view the video File. Note: with this Cloud storage service, users need to purchase storage at Alibaba Cloudy.
  • Large capacity storage: supports 8G ~ 128G memory card, Class 10 type. The 8 G memory card can continuously store 2 days of video, the 16 G memory card can continuously store 4 day video, the 32 G memory card can continuously store 8 day video, the 64 G memory card can store 16 You can save the video of the day on a continuous basis. On the 128 G memory card you can store 22 consecutive videos continuously. 




U21 smallest  camera

Main Feature:

1. With a 14 mm micro lens for easy hiding.

2. With a metal hose, which makes the monitoring angle easily be adjusted...

3. With USB universal interface,which is convenient be used anytime and anywhere.

You just need to plug the camera into your computer's USB port, USB outlet, mobile power supply, etc. to achieve long-term monitoring.


Customize arming time

User can set the monitoring time according to match their needs.

You can set monitoring, timing monitoring, monitoring by time zone, etc. all day long.


Customize arming area

User can set up the monitoring area as needed.

You can set up regional monitoring, or you can set up monitoring for specific locations.


Remote playback

User can remotely control video playback on each segment of the camera.

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