Self Recording Hard Drive Case Spy Nanny Covert Camera Horizontal 720P Hd camera

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Add Audio required
Add Micro SD Card 32 Gig required

This Non Fuctional HD Case offers fully safe, non-interfering, non-intercepting DVR camera for hours of vigilance in a confidential/ undercover area in a covert housing.

All-In-One cameras refer to a system that has both covert camera a recorder built as one. All you have to do is take out the SD card and insert it into your computer to playback the video. If your PC does not have an SD card slot you can use a SD card reader that connects via your USB port. Just plug it in. It does not get any simpler than this. No buttons to press, no set up necessary.


All you have to do is take out the SD card at the end of the day and playback on your PC. That is it !! Unlike other competitors, this all in one camera unit has a camcorder quality, wide angle CCD color covert camera inside. The built-in DVR will handle up to 32GB SD card for long recording upon motion detection. Excellent for nanny watching and also in a tricky situations like in a nursing home, use it to protect your parents too!


The maximum memory allowed for this device is 32GB. Motion sensing recording is another feature of this product. Videos created by this item are saved in a avi / h.264 video format. Audio recording is an optional upgrade for this device.

720P camera
MPEG-4 video compression
D1(704*576) resolution
MPEG-4/ASF video format, MP3 audio format
Real-time stamp on videos, overwrite
Manual/motion detect/scheduled/power-up record
Optional Audio
5/15/30fps optional 
SDHC memory support, up to 32GB 
TV-out enables better resolution by TV set
MPEG-4/ASF playback
AV-IN, AV-OUT directly connect with camera, TV, monitor
Support IR remote operation
Low power-consumption, 1W when standby, 2W when recording