Nanny Cam Hidden in a Piture Frame - Includes 720p Hd Video-2 Years Battery-And Built In Sd Card Recorder

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  This Hidden Picture Frame  Nanny Camera is perfect for capturing covert video surveillance in your office or home. Catch criminals in the act with this hidden camera. The high-quality CCD camera is built directly into the book, making the hidden camera virtually undetectable. This covert camera captures full-color video, perfect for your home or office surveillance. Also This unit has a 2 year rechargable battery. The SD card recorder built inside will give you up to 64 hrs of videon on a 32 Gig sd card. This all-in-one covert surveillance unit will help you monitor your home covertly without detection.


  • WORLD'S FIRST!2 years battery Photo-Frame-Cam 
  • Easy to change any picture of 5x7
  • Super slim 1/2  inch thickness
  • Hidden 8000mAh battery - Max 2 years stand-by
  • Hidden PIR/LED or better invisiblity purpose
  • Hidden USB/Button/Switcher
  • Looks just  like a photo frame, no screws or socket could be seen
  • Stands-on-desk or Hanging-on-wall
  • Only a few invisible LEDs to record 16 to 20 feet in evening
  • Privacy protection
  • Audio record could be able/disable as you want